About Us

"Cheeky is the new cute … cause mushy is boring and cliché !"

Was the thought that lead to the birth of Acute Angle. Dearth of unique, simple yet catchy designs prompted us to work on the concept of cool, quirky and comfortable kiddy and maternity wear.

We believe simpler the design ,more impactful it is. Garish and over colorful kids wear turn us off and we follow a simple principle of “keep it simple “.

Baby and kids clothing market has seen some very refreshing, experimental and unique designs in the recent past . Gen Y is becoming parents and they want stuff different , fun and offbeat .So we decided to dabble in this segment and ride on this exciting wave too.

The designs and ideas are a compilation of themes, lines and concepts discussed and debated amongst friends and family .We believe in the fact that you ,for instance ,could be the designer or conceptualizer of our next big design and hence the crowd designing option where we welcome anyone who is keen to contribute to the acutely awesome collection of Acute Angle designs. 

*Read the Section on Crowd Designing for more information on this. 

It is just the beginning and we promise you lots more acuteness as we grow .

( acuteness : meaning - cuteness with a new twist - derived from Acute Angle - remember those geometry classes and the types of angles ?!! haan Acute Angle ...we are sure you are going...ohhhhhhhh...thatttt Acute. So Acute Angle in our context stands for the new avatar of cute ...cause cheeky is the new cute :)  ). 

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Happy shopping !


Team Acute Angle