Crowd Designing

We love love love to make quirky , cool and creative tees for babies , toddlers and moms to be .
Some of the best messages on the tees have been designed or conceptualized by friends & family over drinks or a casual banter while others capture the real time moments and feelings of the kid or the parent ." Thappad se darr nahi lagta khana khane se lagta hai " or " I Drink till i Pass out " are voices which have come Dil Se <3 ( Bollywood and Hollywood inspired themes are more than welcome ... yeah we are super filmy and our kids have inherited the fimly genes )

A catchy concept, idea or tag line from the kiddy world may occur to anyone ,anytime ,anywhere and we welcome these brain waves from you -  THE DESIGNER .

So how would this whole thing work ?

1. Have an idea or concept for our tees which you think can become the next big seller ? Want to be an Acute Angle designer ?

2. Write to us at and share the idea or concept which excited you to reach out to us ( no idea is a silly idea and in our case sillier the better ;) ) 

3. Our creative team reviews the concepts received and shortlists the final designs.

4. We declare the designer of the tee and the design on our social media platforms - Facebook , Instagram , twitter , etc and our website.

5. So yay yay - you become famous :) The tee with carry your name in print as the designer and wait there is more... You get Acute Angle gift cards and can shop from our e store . Happy Shopping !!

So what are you waiting for ? You can be the next big designer in the acutely awesome world of Acute Angle tees .  

Mail us at NOW !!! We are super excited to hear from you. 


Acute Love ,

Team Acute Angle